Matthew was born in England to Gibraltarian and German parents. His mum and dad are both doctors who always worked long hours. This led to him quickly learning the importance of family and communication. Due to his parents work schedule, he didn’t see them as much as he would have liked growing up. As a result of this, he understands the value in spending time with family. Matt’s 2 older brothers both work in I.T, having all 3 boys using computers from a very young age, a keen interest in technology was inevitable.

Matthew started Smart Tech Resolutions to help small business owners learn and fix their devices. He is passionate about this because he believes the less time businesses work on trying to manage their devices, the more time they can help their own clients and spend more time with their own families.

Smart Tech Resolutions explains all work in a non-geek language so the customer can understand what the problem is and how to fix it. Matthew eventually hopes to hire more people that share his passion for helping people and businesses in order to be able to reach out to more business owners and make a wider impact.

Being brought up by 2 doctors who had very little spare time, Matthew truly believes in the importance of family. Matt always does what is needed to make sure his clients are able to maintain a healthy work life balance. He decided on small business specifically because he knows the struggles small businesses can face with limited resources. Smart Tech Resolutions offers a cost effective way to have the level of IT support required, without the need for in-house IT. Supporting small business is something he has been passionate about because he believes that it is much more rewarding and in turn provides a sense of achievement and pride that he can help business grow and learn from every client in order to grow Smart Tech Resolutions as the needs of small business owners change.

Matthew works using various techniques when working with SMEs – including on-site visits, remote access, and/or phone support helping you with a quick fix. Being flexible allows for problems to be fixed in ways that suits the client ensuring minimal down time; so that the customer can be straight back to work with little to no interruption. Smart Tech Resolutions also makes sure to “Speak No Geek” so the customer can understand the solution we devise for the customer’s individual problem.

Smart Tech Resolutions is a home based business so that we can have minimal overheads this allows us to not pass on unnecessary fees to small business. Our service area centres around Wollongong, but Matt travels down to Kiama in the south and Helensburgh in the north for his clients. We come to you so that all support is convenient.

Smart Tech Resolutions is also flexible in providing support before work, during business hours or after hours. Matthew’s typical work day is between 8am-7pm but appointments outside these times can be arranged upon request. Matthew will make sure you and your business are helped as soon as possible so that any business operation isn’t delayed.

Matthew Yeo