Shopping for a new computer can be a daunting task when it’s your home computer. When the computer is to help you run your business, it suddenly becomes extra important to make the right decision.

So we’ve put together some things to consider to ensure the computer you purchase is exactly what you need!


Hard Drive:

How much space do you need?

If your business doesn’t rely on needing to save a lot of pictures or numerous large files, 1TB of hard drive space should be sufficient. Remember, even if you go a smaller hard drive inside the computer, you can also cheaply purchase an external hard drive to save older files, or those files you won’t be accessing every day.

Also when you’re considering the size of your hard drive, it’s important to think about whether everything will be saved on the hard drive, or if files will be cloud based. If you use a cloud platform, you will be locally saving fewer files (requiring less hard drive space).


Operating System:

Are you a Mac person, or more of a Windows fan?

It may also depend what other devices your business already owns. Phones, tablets, other computers – are they iOS, Android or Windows? If you have an iPhone and iPad, a Mac computer may well be the better option. But if you have Android or Windows devices, a Windows PC will be easier to sync all of your devices.



Is your business mobile, or do you work outside of your office?

This is an important question to ponder as it will determine whether a desktop computer or laptop is better for your needs.

Or are your needs going to be met better with a tablet? Tablet devices are becoming more powerful with each new one that’s released. There’s apps for everything, and with cases that include Bluetooth keyboards, you can even type as you would on a computer!



How will you protect your computer from elements outside your control?

Your computer needs various types of protection to keep it operating at an optimal level, and to make sure your files are safe.

Surge protectors offer safety against power spikes. If a power surge happens, or if a transformer attached to your house or office gets hit by a lightning strike, the surge protector will keep your devices from being fried from the overload of electricity. A surge protector is something you should look at purchasing with your computer for peace of mind.

Virus protection is essential to keep your computer safe from viruses. New computers often only come with a 30 day trial of virus protection, so it’s important to use those first few weeks to decide what you’ll do after the trial period. There’s a range of different virus protection software available, and each have slight differences in the viruses they detect and how they work.

Backup Systems:

How will you keep your business documents safe?

A backup system is very important to keep your files safe – there’s a range of different circumstances, from human error to hard drive crashes and even viruses that could cause you to lose all your files.

The decision that needs to be made is, are your backups going to be on a physical drive (external hard drive or USB), or will you have a cloud based backup system? Google, Microsoft and Apple all have their own cloud storage option, all with a limited storage size which is free.

Both iCloud (Apple) and OneDrive (Microsoft) offer 5GB free, and Google Drive offers 15GB free. Then above this, there are various plans with a monthly cost.

If you’d like further advice on what your business would benefit from in a computer or tablet, please feel free to contact me. I even offer a service where I’ll meet you at your house or office to discuss your needs, and then come to the shop and look at computers with you to give you added peace of mind that you’re making the right purchasing decisions.