Whether you’re just starting up or managing an established small business, it is now becoming a necessity to be computer literate. Your competition will be moving their business forward with technology, and if you choose to stick to more traditional methods, you may find yourself scrambling to catch up.

However, you have a choice. As more and more people are realising the significance of computer literacy in running a business, you can equip yourself with some basic computer skills to give you more of a lasting advantage.

As an entrepreneur, basic computer skills like Microsoft office and basic Internet skills are important. Being competent in these areas can assist you in ensuring you have the abilities to run your business effectively and make smarter decisions.

By having an electronic business plan and balance sheets, you can easily notice problems and use the formulas in Excel to quickly adjust your numbers as a test before implementing any changes. This is also beneficial for contingency planning as you can easily see the financial outcome of any possible business problem before it happens to aid in avoiding nasty surprises!

Staying in touch with your current and prospective clients has never been easier than with email and online video conferencing options including Skype and FaceTime. This allows for business to easily be conducted remotely, or even internationally! Clients are also in easy contact and you can send them regular emails to stay in their minds.

Customer service is also made easier with email and instant messaging. Written communication no longer requires several days in the post, so customer feedback can be addressed with a quicker turnaround. Now, that’s a great business practice!

By learning basic computer processes to aid your business, you are minimising the chance of error and maximising business efficiency and customer service. Now, computer skills are something to ponder, don’t you think so?

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